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1. Materials for Nigerian Law School Bar I. Foreign Trained aspirants.

2. Materials for Nigerian Law School Bar II Nigerian Law Graduates.

3. Nigerian University Law Materials.

4. Making Payments.

5. Receiving your ordered notes.

6. Complaints handling.

1. Foreign trained aspirants to the Nigerian bar are to undergo the Nigerian Law School Bar Part One (1) Exams first to confirm their understanding of the Nigerian Legal System and basic Legal Principles applicable in Nigeria. If you are a foreign trained lawyer, kindly download the Bar Part ONE materials first. You will not immediately need Part II until your Part I exams have been concluded.

The four compulsory courses for Bar Part I One Students include:

– Constitutional Law in Nigeria

– Nigerian Land Law.

– Nigerian Criminal Law

– Nigerian Legal System.

The relevant Past Questions and Answers / Marking Scheme for Bar Part I are available HERE for download.

2. Nigerian Trained law graduates are to undertake three appraisals namely:

– Chambers and Court Attachment.

–  Multiple Choice Examination / Objective (MCQ).

–  Bar Part (II) TWO Final examinations.

Nigerian Trained Law Graduates will be making use of the BAR PART II (TWO) and MCQ Questions and Answers which can be purchased HERE.

The compulsory courses for Nigerian Law School Bar II include:

  • Corporate Law Practice.
  • Professional Ethics.
  • Property Law Practice.
  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal Litigation

The Past Questions are neatly compiled and include the official questions and answers / Official Marking Scheme.

3. Nigerian University Materials: The notes on this site are put in a precise manner for easy / fast reading and comprehension. The courses currently treated vary from the various levels in the University Law curriculum but were majorly drawn from the recommended textbooks and the curriculum of the University of Lagos.

4. Making Payments:

All payments can be made with USSD, Debit Card OR Bank Transfer. Your card details are  NOT  stored on our site as your payments are processed by Flutterwave, a registered payment provided in Nigeria.

Note that a transaction processing fee of 1% one percent will be charged on each payment. Note further that the debit alert may take some time to reflect but you will NOT be debited more than once.

To ensure your private details are not visible to anyone, this site is further secured by Positive SSL and Codeguard Encryption and payments are secured by end-to end encryption. Note however that we will be collecting your email address to send the notes.

5. Receiving your ordered notes.

Once your payment has been made; the PDF document of the selected note will be AUTOMATICALLY sent to your email address alongside your payment receipt. There is no need to send a message to confirm. Please provide a valid email address when making payment so that the relevant PDF materials can be sent accordingly.

6. Complaints handling.

If you do not get your ordered notes within one hour from payment, kindly send us an email at you may also reach us for further enquiries on the same email.

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